The Workshop Formula

If You Are “Sick And Tired” Of Either Hosting Workshops With Little-To-No Attendance Or Worst Yet, Talking About Hosting Workshops And Not Implementing, Then This Training Is An Absolute Must Before 2019 Comes To An End!


Why Is Jared Yellin Digging Deep Into Such An Old-School Marketing Strategy Like In-Person Workshops?

Subject: Memo About Workshops From The Desk Of Jared Yellin, Founder Of SYNDUIT

Hello, Fellow ChangeMaker Entrepreneur!

Jared Yellin here, Founder of SYNDUIT, and WILDLY passionate entrepreneur who focuses on the “tried and true” (aka FUNdamentals) of marketing versus gimmicky, overly technical, the ridiculousness that is handcuffing small businesses this very moment.

Wait, are you one of them?

Are you absolutely lost, overwhelmed, and even frustrated because you don’t want to hack a funnel?

Oh Facebook ads keep you up at night for all of the wrong reasons?

Oh wait, what about this…

Do you get dizzy thinking about optimizing your website, bots, creating compelling powerpoint presentations, and writing headlines that convert people the moment they read them?

So, here’s the deal:

I am definitely not the loudest dude out there, nor do I get paid by selling you information like most of the “gurus” in marketing who stand in front someone else’s fancy car pretending like they make money in their sleep. What makes me unique, different, and exactly what you need is that I stick to the FUNdamentals - the stuff that has always worked, will always work, and is FUN for you when executed with predictability, automation, and leverage.

And guess what - I am certain that it works because I am in the trenches doing IT - I am a practitioner of this craft called the FUNDamentals of marketing!  

One of those FUN things that I know you love is WORKSHOPS!

Having people come to your office, library, home, or anywhere for a 60-75 minute presentation that leaves them yearning for more, connecting with their kind, and giving you all of the credit for hosting such a memorable experience juices you up and you wish - oh yes you wish - you could execute on this strategy more often but there are a myriad of excuses that hold you back.

On Friday, November 22nd at 3pm ET (12pm PT), I am hosting a Virtual Training + Live Q&A that you MUST, I repeat - MUST, watch before the end of 2019 so that you are prepared, motivated, and 100% in-action-mode when it comes to WORKSHOPS!

You NEED to commit to at least 4 KILLER workshops each year and during our time together, I am going to share EXACTLY how to make these experiences world-freakin-class!

What you will learn is the following:
-You are not just hosting a workshop, but rather THE WORKSHOP of your community
-Building A Greatest Minds Collaborative
-Marketing like a ninja to grab the attention of those in need
-Ingredients to get people to show up, immerse themselves, and share
-Follow-up like it’s life or death
-Along with a host of other concepts and strategies that I have successfully deployed over the past decade

Here is my commitment…

ZERO Fluff - this will be 100% practical with immediate implementation ideas and resources, ALONG with an invitation to join SYNDUIT - if you have not done so already - because I am 100% positive (ask ANYONE in our tribe) that the marketing and follow-up of your WORKSHOPS will be 100x stronger with SYNDUIT than on your own.

Take no offense - I am just POSITIVE with this statement and during our time together I am certain that you will walk away with this realization as well.

So for now, SIGN UP and look for the details from ME (via email and text message). Clear your calendar and get ready to learn The Workshop Formula, PERIOD!

I will see you on Friday, November 22nd at 3pm ET (12pm PT).

Live with Intention,
Jared Yellin
Founder of SYNDUIT

I Am Beyond Excited To Share This Training With You On Friday, November 22nd at 3pm ET (12pm PT)!