SYNDUIT 3.0 For Wellness Advocates with Robin Jones

SYNDUIT 3.0 For Wellness Advocates Is Here!


A Short Note From The Desk Of Robin Jones

Subject: SYNDUIT is officially for all Wellness Advocates (both builders and sharers)

Hello Fellow Wellness Advocate!

Robin Jones here and I am BEYOND excited to share this announcement and opportunity with you because SYNDUIT has taken their game to the next level.

Join me and the Founder of SYNDUIT, Jared Yellin, for a LIVE zoom on Wednesday, March 27th at 1:00 pm EDT (10am PT) to see what SYNDUIT has done that is guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

If you are not familiar with SYNDUIT yet, no worries, Jared promises to provide a very thorough demo during the live zoom.

But just so you know…

SYNDUIT is the #1 marketing system for all Wellness Advocates. This company launched with our group about 3 years ago and has never looked back since. To date, there are 5,000 Wellness Advocates using SYNDUIT!

SYNDUIT has the largest library of done-for-you and proven marketing content that you will ever find.

-Workshops and Webinars with Presentations and Scripts
-Social Media Vault
-DIY Events
-Monthly Newsletters and Promotions
-BOGO and all doTERRA Announcements
-Team Challenges and Support Groups
-Done-For-You Facebook Classes
-Email and Texting Series for Customers, LRP, and Prospects
-And so much more!

SYNDUIT has a library valued in the millions of dollars worth of content; all of which will become replicated, automated, and personalized for you in seconds!

Many people on our team already use SYNDUIT and LOVE it and I know you will too - especially with SYNDUIT 3.0 coming out!

So, please register on this page for our LIVE ZOOM, share it with anyone who is building or sharing doTERRA, and try your best to show up live because this opportunity will absolutely take your business to the next level.

See you soon!

Robin Jones

We Are So Excited To Share SYNDUIT 3.0 On Wednesday, March 27th At 1:00 pm EDT (10am PT) During A Live Zoom