Mindshare Marketing Is Here For You

We Were On A Mission To Solve Three Marketing Challenges That Most Health Entrepreneurs Face And We Did It!


WHY You Should Clear Your Calendar For This Live Demo + Q&A

Hello Fellow Health Entrepreneur,

JJ Virgin here, Founder of Mindshare Collaborative and Founder of Mindshare Marketing, and I am personally very excited for our official public unveiling of Mindshare Marketing on Wednesday, September 28th at 4pm ET (1pm PT).

We initially launched this platform at Mindshare Summit 2019 and it quickly became the topic of conversation for nearly every attendee, but I must admit, I am not surprised.

Mindshare Marketing has been the most calculated business solution that I have ever offered Health Entrepreneurs and Health Professionals simply because 1,000’s of people asked me to build it.

Since launching Mindshare Collaborative nearly 10 years ago and working with over 15,000 entrepreneurs just like you, the three most significant marketing challenges that have been presented are the following…

1 - Content marketing
2 - Finding high converting offers
3 - Affiliate marketing follow-through

Here’s what I know is true for most health entrepreneurs…

You did NOT become who you are because of your burning desire to market yourself, but rather you made the choice to become a health entrepreneur because of your absolute mission to make a positive impact in the world.

The problem you face is that serving people is not your only responsibility and the number of health entrepreneurs who are the best-kept secret in their town, city, or network is astonishing.

This is a marketing challenge and I am REALLY excited about the solution that our team at Mindshare created for YOU called Mindshare Marketing.

During our demo and live Q&A, we promise to deliver on the following:

Promise #1 - What Is Mindshare Marketing And What Does It Replace?

Promise #2 - Use Cases Of Mindshare Marketing

Promise #3 - See Mindshare Marketing In Action With Various Demos

Promise #4 - Answer All Of Your Mindshare Marketing Questions

Promise #5 - Invitation To Become A Founding Member Of Mindshare Marketing Including Many Of The Summit-Only Bonuses

Mindshare Marketing Gives EVERYONE The Ability To Complete An Entire Content Calendar With Relevant Information, Offers, And Engaging Campaigns That Compliment Your Existing Platforms (i.e. ClickFunnels, InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, etc.) And Your Existing Agency Effort (i.e. Viviv Labs, Conscious Copy, etc.) Or Becomes Your Only Platform For Marketing!

Please register on this page and we will send you all of the details for the demo and live Q&A.

See you soon!
JJ Virgin

I Am Personally Excited To Share Mindshare Marketing With You On Wednesday, September 25th at 4pm ET (1pm PT)!