Mind Movies Partners With SYNDUIT

Mind Movies Found A Way To Make Your Affiliate Marketing (And Content Marketing) Much Much Much Easier!


Please Register For This Demo + Q&A With The Founder Of SYNDUIT, Jared Yellin

Hello Fellow Changemaker Entrepreneur!

My name is Jared Yellin and I am the Founder of SYNDUIT.

I am beyond honored and excited about our partnership with Mind Movies because outside of supporting such a wonderful company that is changing the world, I will have the chance to work with YOU!

I know you are an affiliate of Mind Movies - AMAZING decision, by the way! And I also know that being an affiliate is often REALLY time-consuming.

This is why Mind Movies decided to partner with SYNDUIT because we can officially make ANY launch a simple click of ONE BUTTON!

Yes, ONE button to fully deploy all of the proven swipe resources for any affiliate marketing launch AND your tracking URL is pre-loaded as well.

It is pretty amazing and 1,000’s of people just like you are LOVING this EASY experience.

But SYNDUIT goes beyond just affiliate marketing because we also make CONTENT marketing REALLY easy!

One-click to automate a webinar.
One-click to automate an event.
One-click to automate on an online challenge.
One-click to automate a newsletter for a year.
One-click to automate social media content.

One-click marketing is what you need and because Mind Movies REALLY cares about YOU, they partnered with SYNDUIT.

So, join me for a demo + Live Q&A on Thursday, October 10th at 3pm ET (12pm PT).

You are going to LOVE what you see and I even have a special gift just for showing up. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Feel free to invite your friends too…

Live with Intention,
Jared Yellin
Founder of SYNDUIT

P.S. When you register, I will personally send you all of the details.

See You On Thursday, October 10th at 3pm ET (12pm PT)