The Official Launch Of The Living Proof Institute Marketing System

“Sachin, We Want To Market Like You, Can You Help?”

From The Desk Of Sachin Patel, Founder Of The Living Proof Institute

Subject: You asked and we listened!

Hello Fellow Functional Medicine Practitioner!

After many many months of planning and years of proving, I am beyond excited to announce that the Living Proof Institute Marketing System powered by SYNDUIT is coming your way!

Yes, during a Virtual Launch Party and Demo on Thursday, April 18th at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT), you will have the opportunity to see what my team and I, along with SYNDUIT, have been working on that will solve ALL of your marketing challenges.

The #1 request I get from practitioners is for MARKETING SUPPORT!

“Sachin, I want to market like you, but I am absolutely stuck.”

I totally get it…

Learning how to write marketing copy, create professional graphics, assemble powerpoint presentations and email series, and then master complex software systems is really not part of the job requirement to be successful in Functional Medicine, but at the same time, you will be the BEST KEPT SECRET if you do not find a way to market successfully.

This is why I took the time and energy to build the Living Proof Institute Marketing System because we have assembled and automated our TOP PRODUCING lead generation campaigns along with a series of live events and webinars with presentations.

I chose to partner with SYNDUIT because I have never seen or worked with a more innovative, authentic, and committed company.

SYNDUIT is DRIVEN to bring Functional Medicine to the world and they have built the simplest (and most affordable) marketing solution so that YOU can mobilize your message and mission.

But there are TWO distinct reasons why I am excited about the Living Proof Institute Marketing System…

Reason 1 - You Can Stay In Your Zone Of Genius

I really want to see you focusing on two things in your practice; educating your patients and your community and caring for your patients. Please stop wasting time inside of complex software when, instead, you should be finding solutions to complex health issues.

Reason 2 - We Can Define Functional Medicine TOGETHER

Our profession is at a very critical point right now as it is gaining popularity and with the right leadership (i.e. ALL OF US), we can define what Functional Medicine means to the world. I am sure you have seen other industries that have been mislabeled and I am committed to ensuring that Functional Medicine takes its rightful place in healthcare, but we need to DEFINE it together through effective and consistent marketing!

I asked the Founder of SYNDUIT, Jared Yellin, to host this live unveiling and Q&A with me and he happily agreed.

Join us on Thursday, April 18th at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT)!

When you register on this page, Jared and his team will send you all of the details.

See you soon!

I am so excited for you right now!

Get Ready For The Next Level,
Sachin Patel
Founder of Living Proof Institute

This Is A Milestone Moment For All Functional Medicine Practices - Get Ready!