BrainTap Marketing Is Here!

This Is One Of The Biggest Announcements From BrainTap Yet


Please Register For This Important Demo + Q&A For BrainTap Affiliates And Health Professionals

Hello BrainTapper!

Dr. Patrick Porter here and I am beyond excited that you are about to register for our official unveiling of BrainTap Marketing on Tuesday, November 12th at 3pm ET (12pm PT).

This is a really big moment for our community and for you because the #1 most common request we get from our affiliates and health professionals is the NEED for marketing support.

We totally understand your struggle…

You did not become a health and wellness professional because of your burning desire to market yourself or your business, but you made this decision because of your drive to make a difference - just like me!

We have been on a mission for many years to find (or even build) the PERFECT solution for you. Then, we were introduced to SYNDUITand our minds were blown.

We have never, I repeat, NEVER seen a more straightforward, simple, affordable, automated, and done-for-you marketing solution!

We decided to partner with this company to build exactly what you need to support your BrainTap business, as well as your overall business as well.

The reason why we are beyond excited about this partnership is because BrainTap Marketing will become the ONLY marketing platform you need in your business and it includes all of the functionality you need:

  • Full Email Marketing Platform
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Integrated Text Messaging
  • Event Registration
  • Autoresponder System
  • Leadpages
  • Reporting
  • Contact Management System
  • And So Much More!

But BrainTap Marketing goes beyond just the functionality and also includes a content library filled with $1,000,000’s of marketing campaigns that are all proven to support the growth of your business. These strategies include:

  • Event and Webinar Marketing with Presentations and Scripts
  • Done-For-You Facebook Classes
  • Fully Automated Online Challenges
  • Educational Email and Texting Series
  • Social Media Blitzes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
  • Focus and Support Groups
  • Newsletter Series
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Book Launches
  • Promotional Resources
  • Print Assets
  • And So Much More!

And the most exciting part for me personally is that there is also BRANDED and COMPLIANT BrainTap campaigns that you can deploy and automate with a single click of a button.

Marketing has NEVER been easier and all of our hopes and dreams have been surpassed due to this partnership with SYNDUIT.

Please do your best to register and attend this demo and live Q&A because we have a VERY special gift for those who attend and start using BrainTap Marketing.

Once you register, my partner in this venture, Jared Yellin, will send you all of the details.

To Your Continued Success,
Dr. Patrick Porter
Founder of BrainTap

I Am Beyond Excited To Share This Information With You On Tuesday, November 12th at 3pm ET (12pm PT!