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Did You Know That 53% Of Our New Clients Each Year Are From Referrals?

A note From Pete Bissonette, President of Learning Strategies

We are so blessed that folks like you tell their families, friends, colleagues, and clients about us. It’s nice to have fans.

One of our fans offered to create a business opportunity around the Paraliminals that could help fans become anything from a mini-entrepreneur earning a few hundred extra a month to a full-fledge business owner making tens of thousands of dollars a year – and everything in between.

That got my attention, because I’m an entrepreneur at heart and managed to build a business that has helped millions of people.

If you are interested, our fan, Jared Yellin, and I will do a live video talk at 2:00 p.m. US Central Time on Wednesday, February 27th, to share our ideas.

There’s no cost and or obligation on your part. We’d just like you to check in to see what we’re up to.

My first entrepreneurial experience was back when I was four or five years old. I convinced my mom to help me hang blankets up all around our front porch so people couldn’t see in.

Then I borrowed stuffed animals from everyone in the neighborhood, arranged them on the front porch, hung up a sign that said “Zoo - 5₵,” and invited everyone to see their stuffed animals.

What we have in mind will be much easier.

For your prosperity,

Pete Bissonette

Join Us For The Official Overview + Q&A On Wednesday, February 27th at 3pm ET (12pm PT)