The Annual Marketing Plan Formula

Do You Want Me To Help You Build An Annual Marketing Plan In Under 60 Minutes For The Entire Year?


“I have never met anyone in the world who accomplished a big goal - like one that is noticeable - without a plan.” - Jared Yellin

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Jared Yellin here, Founder of SYNDUIT, and I can’t wait to spend some time with you on Tuesday, September 10th at 3pm ET (12pm PT) for 90 minutes (plus an additional Q&A) where I share the most talked about training from Global 2019 in Scotland…

Annual Marketing Plan Formula
Learn How To Build And Implement A 365-Day Content Marketing Plan In 4 Simple Steps

Over 30,000 businesses (just like yours) have implemented a successful Annual Marketing Plan based on what you are about to learn during this FREE MasterClass!

I know the concept of building an annual plan sounds daunting...

It is labor-intensive.
It requires focus.
It is an overwhelming amount of creative energy.
It is the beginning of a HUMONGOUS project.

In fact, we’ve conducted a survey of over 91,000 small business owners and asked them how long they think building and implementing an annual marketing plan would take…

The results were SCARY!

TO BUILD - 25 hours
TO IMPLEMENT - 475 hours

No wonder you are avoiding this painful task - who wants to spend 500 hours on anything!

But what if the process could be simplified to such a degree that having an annual marketing plan was fun, simple, and created more time than you ever thought possible in your business?

If you’re ready to be pleasantly surprised, please make the room in your already busy schedule for our live MasterClass on Tuesday, September 10th at 3pm ET (12pm PT) so that you can see what over 30,000 other businesses are doing right now to remain consistent with their communication while building an authority status in the lives of their clients - you can’t afford to miss this!

Meet Your Chief Marketing ROCKstar, Jared Yellin, Who Is Fanatical About Helping Businesses Build Annual Marketing Plans

Jared Yellin is a serial entrepreneur that has consistently started companies to support small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. His mission is to build and implement 1,000,000 annual marketing plans with 1,000,000 changemaker entrepreneurs.

Jared has already supported over 100,000 small business owners over the past 10+ years and he brings a depth of knowledge on marketing that is not only diverse, but is also extremely practical and proven. In fact, his no-nonsense style to marketing allows non-marketers to thrive when it comes to marketing their businesses.

He admits, “Yes, funnels serve a purpose. Yes, Facebook ads are important. Yes, tripwires can help you build your database. But without an annual marketing plan comprised of both education-based and relationship-based marketing, none of these tactics will create sustainable growth for small business owners.”

Outside of his role as the Founder of SYNDUIT, Jared prides himself on his number one value which consists of his beautiful wife, Lindsay, their precious daughter, Taylee, and their studmuffin of a son, Ryker.

Expert Presenter:

Jared Yellin, Founder of SYNDUIT

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