Let's Go #ALLIN Alaska Chiropractors!

Get Ready For The Most Successful Marketing Initiative For Your Practice That Will Also Build Massive Awareness For Chiropractic In Alaska!


Join Us For A Live Zoom On Wednesday, July 17th at 1pm To Learn About A Free Member Benefit Called The #ALLINALASKA Challenge

Hello Alaska Chiropractic Society!

This is Debbie and Sheri Ryan and we are simply overjoyed that you are interested in learning about the #ALLINALASKA Challenge because not only will it create mass awareness for Chiropractic in our state, but we are confident it will become the most successful marketing initiative for your practice that you have ever deployed.

We have always had this vision, and the time is here and the time is now to execute because we still are the best-kept secret in healthcare, but we are confident that the #ALLINALASKA Challenge will 100% change this - we will become KNOWN together!

So, what is the #ALLINALASKA Challenge?

Four times each year, we will be working closely with a marketing agency to produce a variety of marketing tools and resources that you will be able to use inside of your practice.

As a state, we will make FOUR declarations each year and the goal is that you play your part by hosting a workshop at the clinic, virtual webinar or Facebook Live, sending emails and posting on social media, and associated promotional efforts on a specific topic.

For example, let’s pretend that we declare October is Opioid Awareness Month. Our goal is that 100% of our members will agree to host a workshop, webinar, or at the very least send emails and post on social media around this specific topic.

Why is this important?

We believe in grassroots movements and our goal is to empower each Chiropractor in our state to play their part so that your clinic will grow, we will build mass awareness around Chiropractic in our state, and we will get a ton of media exposure when 100’s of Chiropractors commit to four specific declarations each year!

During our ZOOM on Wednesday, July 17th at 1 pm, you will learn the following:

-Why the #ALLINALASKA Challenge is extremely important for you
-How to play your part in the Challenge
-What are the benefits of following through
-Who is the ideal clinic to participate
-Ultimate vision of what is possible

Plus, you will meet our technology and marketing partner, Jared Yellin, Founder of SYNDUIT, who has been serving the Chiropractic profession for over 10 years and has helped 10,000+ practices market more effectively and on a consistent basis.

Please sign up on this page so that Jared Yellin can send you all of the details for our ZOOM and get ready for the #ALLINALASKA Challenge.

The Time Is Here And The Time Is Now - Join Us On Wednesday, July 17th At 1 pm